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ABCs of Alternatives (tags)

The "ABCs of Alternatives" published in May 2013 includes chapters on democratization, globalization criticism, global social rights, good work, Keynesianism, knowledge commons, liberation pedagogy, no person is illegal, peace, rebellion, redistribution and the WSF,

Radio Maclovio Rojas Márquez (tags)

'Radio Macloviana'as a 5 month series of workshops in the colonia Maclovio Rojas Márquez, southeast of Tijuana Baja California México. With the pobladores de Maclovio, we've completed a 5 hour radio documentary re: the life/struggle of this colonia. Currently we're raising funds to pay for Maclovio's own permanent studio/transmitter equpiment. Please give/pass the word! Tlazokamti, AMK

Agrupación La Dignidad Rebelde (Buenos Aires) (tags)

Grupo de Educación Popular AGRUPACIÓN LA DIGNIDAD REBELDE "Debemos ser los pies que nos andan, la voz que nos habla, la mirada que nos hace visibles, el oído que oír nos hace"

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