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Allo ?, quelqu'un, Allo ? , quelqu'une (tags)

Paupérisation, dispersion, isolation...

Allo ?, quelqu'un, Allo ? ? QUELQU4UNE , (tags)

Paupérisation, dispersion, isolation...

Allo, quelqu'un ? Allo, quelqu'une ? (tags)

Assignation à résidence par pauvreté...

POOR WEST (tags)

To laugh a lot of idiots who preach the clash of civilizations and the Western superiority.


the confusions are not added nor they are annulled. They just multiply.

Eworld Music and the Award Show Confusion (tags)

Eworlde Companies, Inc brings confusion to the long standing LA Music Scene with new award show for lesser known artists, the Hollywood Music Awards.

Paypal Negligence: Mishandled Evidence (tags)

Paypal is involved in a report of refusal to refund an unreceived item purchased through Ebay.

Eleven (11) Questions Avoided by the Media in Recent Reporting of Department of Defense Vi (tags)

Recent articles in corporate media examine deception and lying by the Department of Defense relative to the attacks of September 11th 2001. They shed light on an effective cover-up by the 9/11 Commission in its refusal to bring Government deception to the American people by way of their discredited 9/11 Report. Links to these articles follow as do 11 questions which these revelations and NORAD tapes beg to be asked and which must be answered:

Misuse Of Islamic Values Indicates Crisis In Arab Thought (tags)

During the Iraq war we were bombard with fetwas, often contradicting one another -- most were associated with the positions of governments or expressed the interests of conflicting groups.

Hollywood Peace Demo...4/13/03 (tags)

Summary: Are the smaller numbers at Sunday's Anti-War Demo a sign that the Movement is losing momentum, or is it just taking breath while it figures out what to do next?

update on bomb scare (tags)

more info on bomb scare.

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