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Veterans Laments Slow Processing of Lump Sum Checks: US Playing Politics (tags)

Filipino World War II veteran based both in the United States and the Philippines laments and criticizes the long wait and slow processing of the lump sum benefits. JFAV reported that more than 2,000 veterans in the Philippines and in the United States have received their one-time lump sum checks. It was reported that the Filipino veterans were given priority in processing while the US veterans will receive theirs later. JFAV pointed out that the US government is playing politics by giving benefits to Filipinos first to for political reasons. This especially that several amendments to the proposed charter change of the Arroyo administration will benefits the United States.


The first batch of Filipino World War II veterans are about to receive their lump sum checks this month as promised by the Department of Veterans Administration (DVA) The DVA reported that they are assessing at least 776 applications and have approved the first batch of 195 checks that will be delivered this week to at least 18,000 veterans in the United States and the Philippines. A 98-year old ACFV lobbyist Alberto Bacani, from Alexandria , Virginia became the first Filipino veteran who received his $ 15,000 dollar check. This was given to him by retired general Antonio Taguba who represented the DVA Secretary in a special ceremony in the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC last April 8.

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