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Violent Arrests in NYC at Occupy Wallstreet (tags)

The excuse for the arrests was a claim that a tarp protecting electronic equipment was somehow a tent, and the ensuing attack left one person in critical condition with an asthma attack.

Ignorance is on tour (tags)

Bush supporter claims a protester shoved her during a peaceful protest in Irvine, CA.

Matthew Rothschild:If You Prepare to Kill Protesters, You'll End Up Doing So... (tags)

People stand around the spot marked by a makeshift memorial where a demonstrator was killed during clashes with police, Saturday July 21, 2001 in Genoa, Italy. The demonstrator was killed Friday during clashes between police and protesters. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno) - Jul 21 10:09 AM ET

Ex-Gore-bot Says Police Treated Him Differently While He Was With The Campain (tags)

Man who has been on both sides of the fence says police treatment changed once he became a protester

real video from (tags)

8/14: Protesters confront police (KTLA, RealVideo) 8/14: A protester describes the police reaction (KTLA, RealVideo)

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