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After Downing St. Rally at KTLA (Report with Pix and Video) (tags)

A rally was convened on just one day's notice to support the hearings convened by Rep. Conyers and over 100 other Members of Congress to investigate the Downing St. Minutes. These recently-leaked minutes detail Bush's illegal conspiracy with Tony Blair to invade Iraq almost one year prior to the official invasion.

Rally at KTLA to Force Downing St. Minutes Coverage (tags)

Demonstrate TODAY Thursday, June 16th 5:30pm at KTLA (5800 Sunset Bl., Los Angeles) regarding inadequate coverage of the Downing Street Minutes and the hearings being organizaed by Congressperson Conyers and others.

real video from (tags)

8/14: Protesters confront police (KTLA, RealVideo) 8/14: A protester describes the police reaction (KTLA, RealVideo)

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