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What a Way to Run the Country (tags)


Selling Out America to Wall Street (tags)

pillaging American wealth

VIDEO and transcript: Nomi Prins' "It Takes a Pillage" (tags)

Journalist Nomi Prins, a Wall Street vet, talks about the importance of taking a stand against the way the government is allocating economic relief money. Taking from public funds to support private risk is a pillage.

LA Social Forum (tags)

The Women's Studies Student Association of CSULB educated many about the concept of a rape culture at the 2008 LA Social Forum and gained press.

Workshop: It Takes a Village to Rape a Woman (tags)

The Women's Studies Student Association (W.S.S.A.) from Cal State Long Beach will discuss "rape culture," reframe violence against women as a men's issue, and discuss common myths about rape while keeping in mind power, privilege, and oppressions of gender, race, sexuality, class and ability.

Carl, host of Cyberpunk Radio (tags)

Carl is a subversive multimedia artsit who hosts the podcasts Cyberpunk Radio, Mental-Escher and Hack VTV as well as heading the PluriMedia Group and the Microcasting Alliance.

Resistance Consciousness with John Trudell (audio!) (tags)

This audio has been compiled in the spirit of *resistance consciousness* to significantly challenge the *war of everyday life*, and my intent is to bring this message, autonomously, to as widespread an audience as possible, in order to a support and strengthen people's resolve to *evolving* the situations we are systematically manipulated into.

Protesting War in the Shadow of the Warriors (tags)

It takes courage to oppose Bush's unnecessary war, if you live in Riverside or Lake Elsinore. It takes even more courage to do so in Twentynine Palms

Bush Daddy Village (tags)

It took a Serpent (132033)!



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