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Mass Murder in Gaza and Ukraine (tags)


Everyone Has a Stake in US Uncut's Fight (tags)

Exxon, Bank of America, Poeing, Wells Fargo and Citigroup[ paid no federal taxes last year. Like its predecessor UK Uncut, US Uncut insists corporations that benefit from education and roads should pay their fair share and not avoid taxes.

Israeli Use of Palestinians As Human Shields (tags)

another egregious international law violation

Minutemen Attacked With Balloons In Seattle (tags)

A Story From Seattle

Nablus: Kids Used as Human Shields in Balata Refugee Camp (tags)

In a military operation taking place just outside Balata Refugee Camp (Nablus, Occupied Palestine), IOF troops forced two youngsters to serve as human shields.

Militant Direct Action is a must at the RNC (tags)

Not much needs to be said here. The police will as always be donning their Darth Vader gear...this includes objects of OFFENSE, and objects of defense. We, as could-be revolutionaries must show that we are serious and to be TAKEN seriously.

CIA infiltrated and used Human Shields in Iraq to take down Saddam (tags)

From the beginning, the heads of the American Central Intelligence Agency followed a plan to use the work of agents posing as "human shields." The CIA chiefs used peace activists in America carefully and systematically.

BTL:Risking Their Lives, International Volunteers Remain in Baghdad to... (tags)

...Protect Civilian Infrastructure. Interview with international volunteers Tom Cahill and John Richardson, who are in Baghdad acting as human shields, conducted by Between the Lines' Denise Manzari

Human shields-turned-hawks (tags)

They arrived as Saddam apologists willing to die for the despot—but they left Iraq weeks later with changed hearts and a determination that Saddam must go. Many of the human shields who had arrived with much fanfare to “stop” the United States and Britain were swayed by the strongest supporters of Saddam’s ouster: the Iraqi people.

Human Shields Realize Saddam is evil! (tags)

Hold the phone!

Some British "human Shields" Flee Iraq, Cite Safety Fears (tags)

Mass surender of human shields

Bring medicaments to Iraq (tags)

We urgently call on all Human Shields coming to Iraq to bring with them many medications needed to treat children afflicted with leukemia as a result of the use of depleted uranium during the Gulf War and the continuous bombings.

CA Human Shield (tags)

Breakingasilence Audio Project #1 This is the first in a series on human shields, sanction breakers, and other people affecting and affected by US aggression. Please email this and any other upcoming Breakingasilence features to break a silence about perpetual war. Interview with Liev Aleo, a CA woman organizing human shields. 7.58 min file size 1,869KB Mentioned link in this upload includes:

3000+ Human Shields (tags)

Mobilizing human shields to go to Iraq.

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