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Toward a new economic policy paradigm (tags)

Over the years, the institutionally enshrined budget discipline has created a considerable investment backlog. Important investments in infrastructure, education and climate protection have not taken place.

Net Neutrality Threatened (tags)

last free and open space in danger

A New Administration, Tired Old Policies (tags)

Counterproductive policies heading America for depression

The Subprime Tsunami Reaches the EU (tags)

Subprime mortgage credits in the US should not have been issued. Nevertheless subprime credits were extended in the volume of $1.3 trillion. An avalanche of expropriation roars in the valley. The banking crisis spills over into the credit system in the real economy.

The End of Capitalism As We Know It: Book Review (tags)

Capitalism needs a pension. The time for a dissolution of the historical phenomenon of this special economic form is overdue. The good old capitalism now appears as a development-brake and catastrophe-accelerator because monopolies are impractical and inflexible.

Holy War (tags)

A Texas Preacher Leads Campaign To Let Israel Fight

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