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Incest and Corruption, Texas Style (tags)

Think of it this way: The Whitewater real estate deal involved a total investment of about $200,000…. Whitewater itself never cost the taxpayers a dime, but the demise of Jim McDougal's Madison Guaranty S&L reportedly cost the taxpayers maybe $65 million. Now Republicans are reminding us what a real financial scandal looks like. With the value of its stock plunging from $94 a share to 26 cents, the cost of the Enron implosion is roughly ONE THOUSAND TIMES greater than McDougal's finagling. It'll be interesting to see if it receives ten percent of the attention.

Protesters Targeting DNC (tags)

Protestors who swarmed recent world trade and banking summits in Seattle and Washington are targeting the Democratic National Convention with plans for sophisticated acts of civil disobedience. Some demonstration planners, hoping to rally 30,000 protesters, are promising a carnival-like convergence of activists for the Aug. 14-17 convention.

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