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Mexico Drug Bust connected to John Negroponte's Dept.Homeland Security,9/11 (tags)

The DC-9 busted in Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche, Mexico on April 11 by the Mexican army is clearly connected to Republican business owners,the Titan Corp of San Diego,and penny stock fraud.It is also connected to Huffmann Aviation of Venice, Florida that played a role in 9/11. And Howard Dean used it in his 2004 presidential campaign !

Evidence links George Bush to Los Angeles drug operation (tags)


The CIA and Drugs (tags)

The CIA's relationship with drugs and the reasons for it.

History Lesson (tags)

How well do you know your real history?

Juez Federal Restringe Acciones Antidemocraticas de la Policia (tags)

[spanish] report on court restrictions of police activity, including confiscation of puppets. Also touches on actions of latino groups on Sunday (8/12/2000).

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