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Darius Glover the art of Motocross Riding (tags)

This is about a courageous , young man that embodies faith and courage At all times. Darius Glover is paralyzed From the waist down however he lives his life to the fullest. He is the fastest Motocross Rider. He competes with able bodied riders and,wins.

Testing, Testing Can You Hear Us ? (tags)

Los Angeles Marches With The World Against Monsanto and Agri-Tech Practices Photo Set 3 of 3

Monsanto Protection Act (tags)


Monsanto Protection Act (tags)


two wheels own the road (tags)

two wheels own the road

Bus Riders' Union Marches (tags)

The Bus Rider's Union marched today. What are they about, and why do bus riders need to unionize?

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