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Israeli State Terrorism (tags)


Jonathan Pollard's Imminent Release? (tags)


Israel Poised to Attack Syria? (tags)


Israeli Business As Usual (tags)


Israel Threatens Syria (tags)


The Israelis should have made peace (tags)

while they had the complaint Abbas in charge

UN resolution on Lebanon: blueprint for intensified war and colonial occupation (tags)

The US-French resolution that is to be voted on by the United Nations Security Council early this week represents an imperialist diktat to the people of Lebanon and an attempt by Washington to legitimize and consummate the geo-strategic goals pursued in the last month of US-Israeli war of aggression.

Israel scorns 'anti-semitic little Belgium' (tags)

Israel accused Belgium of anti-semitism yesterday following a court decision which could lead to the prosecution of Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister. The Belgian supreme court ruled on Wednesday that Israeli military commanders could be prosecuted for complicity in the massacre of 800 Palestinians in Lebanon in 1982.

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