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Bébés volés, bébés conditionnés (tags)

L'innéité, personne n'y croit...

The movement of the etcetera (tags)

“As a social forum, a thousand things happen at the same time and this is how thing flow. The square is beginning to fill up. Having a thousand things and a thousand different ways is a path towards no turning back!” Rodrigo Bertame at Occupy Rio.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge with Occupy Wall Street (tags)

An Orange County native visits NYC for the first time and walks with Occupy Wall Street protesters across Brooklyn Bridge, where over 700 arrests took place.

The road to Mecca is open (tags)

And the Shi'a are brave.

US generals in revolt (tags)

Us generals refuse orders

Bus Riders Union at City Hall (tags)

Audio clips from today's action at City Hall.


While thousands protesting in the streets against this rotten war is a great and necessary thing... all you need are a few friends and associates to pull off a creative and hard hitting protest that will impact people on the street. These photos illustrate two such successful actions. Highly visual protests like the "Iraqi Prisoner" street theatre are simple to do and should be replicated all over the city. LET A THOUSAND PROTESTS BLOOM!

A picture's worth a thousand words (tags)

“It is the photographs that give one the vivid realisation of what actually took place. Words don't do it.” — Donald Rumsfeld, May 7, 2004.

(2) Photos: Bush Fundraiser Protest in Riverside, Oct 15th (tags)

About a thousand people showed up at the Bush Fundraiser Protest in Riverside, Oct 15th

*bus riders union march (tags)

a thousand more buses a thousand less police get off the bus and fight for us

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