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police crimes (tags)

police crimes

Police shootings 2017 database - Washington Post (tags)

Police shootings database 2017

Police and fbi crimes as SOP (tags)

This report seeks to understand the nature of our emerging police state USA.

Police and fbi (tags)

Our prisons are filled with innocent men/women, and our police, fbi, prosecutors' offices are overflowing with criminals.

Fullerton Police Sweep Social Media for Threats after Kelly Verdict (tags)

Police admit there's no specific threat to the officers who were acquitted of murder yesterday, but make it clear they are on the offensive.

"This Is What a Police State Looks Like" (tags)

Protestors confront Anaheim's notorious killer cops.

Police Brutality During Chicago NATO Summit (tags)

police state

Police not letting people in city hall area (tags)

Police containing the area bound by Broadway to the 101 fwy to Alameda to 3rd Street

Police: Security guard accused of preying on prostitutes (tags)

According to court documents, Pasadena police were investigating the murder of a prostitute. Wanda Trombley's skeletal remains were found last month in the 6100 block of Red Bluff. All three women that Hobbs is accused of assaulting knew Trombley, according to police.

BREAKING NEWS: police bring force against protestors (tags)

police begin force against protestors in los angeles, 1pm approximately, photos from companera in attendance cell phone

6:55 pm - Protest at Israeli Consulate Continues (tags)

Police appear to be closing all motor traffic on Wilshire.

Right to Marry Protests Rock West LA (tags)

LOS ANGELES, November 6, 2008 – The Outrage over the Prop 8 election results that spilled into the streets of Los Angeles on Wednesday night continued all day Thursday and well into the night. The main focus of Thursday’s protests was the Mormon Church in Westwood. The church is believed to have funded up to 40% of the Yes on 8 campaign.

ALERT: Military Recruiters & Police Harassing Steve (from the farm) (tags)

Military Recruiters & Police Harassing Steve (from the farm)

police can riot all they please (tags)

police riot (again) at macarthur park in los angeles

Police Attack Peaceful May Day Rally (tags)

LOS ANGELES, May 2, 2007 – A massive police attack on a peaceful rally in MacArthur Park brought a violent end to yesterday’s May Day celebrations.

Police Riot on Peaceful Protest (tags)

Police shoot tear gas and rubber bullets into Immigrants Rights March

Atlanta cops kill a 92 year old woman in a drug raid (tags)

Atlanta police gun down Kathryn Johnston "like a dog" in a "No Knock" drug raid. The 92 year-old woman though the police were criminal breaking into her home and shot and hit 3 of them.

Shocking Video: Protestor Shot With Rubber Bullets (tags)

Shocking Video: Protestor Shot With Rubber Bullets     view video:

COP WATCH REPORT: Police attack demonstrators in Hollywood and march with Minutemen (tags)

Police attacked demonstrators in Hollywood before marching with the Minutemen.

COP WATCH REPORT: police, destruction, and fires at South Central Farms (tags)

Police , bulldozing , fires , at the South Central Farms.

No gay rights in Moscow!!! (tags)

Russian cops beat up homosexual activists who held a "gay pride" parade

Police Cameras Spark Privacy Debate, Citizens Seek to Block Photos (tags)

Police oppress people of color and women with surveillance technology.

Police "get the message" (tags)

Police "get the message" via audio spotlight technology

Police shut down kids party (tags)

Police shut down kids party ...

Police State Hero (tags)

Another anti-police state poem.

Police Beating Caught on Tape in LA (tags)

(Los Angeles-KABC, June 23, 2004) — Police in Los Angeles chased a man suspected of driving a stolen car. The arrest, caught on tape, shows an officer hitting the man repeatedly with a flashlight after he appeared to surrender.

Police in Crete shot a 22-year-old Greek for not stopping at road block. (tags)


The Call for a National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and (tags)



Virtually everyone stays home.

Warning: Police After Oregon AR Activists (tags)

Police are after two Oregonians for the investigation of the ALF bombing of Chiron.

Wading through the Bu$hit (tags)

Bush promises us that if we wait we will find that he was right. Bush's promise is hollow. The issue is not whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The issue is whether Bush lied to the American people in order to sell a war that was unsupportable without resort to fraud. There is no debating the question of whether Bush lied.

Police attack injures protesters, workers (tags)

OAKLAND, Calif. – Outraged witnesses and community leaders used words like “preemptive,” “premeditated,” and “brutal” during an emotionally charged meeting of the Oakland City Council to describe the Oakland Police Department’s attack on anti-war demonstrators and longshore workers near the gate of the Stevedoring Services of America dock on Monday, April 7.

Massive Avoidance (tags)

Waves of avoidance.

POLICE WARNING!!! "By any means necessary" (tags)

PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Police ordered to stop protesters "by any means necessary"

Speak Out Against Police Brutality in Santa Ana (tags)

see below, "k"

Police provocateurs Copenhagen 2002 (tags)

Police provocateurs Copenhagen 2002 For months the police and intelligence agencies have claimed that Copenhagen would be a battlefield of raging violence during the EU-summit. If there is violence, they will tell: We predicted it. If there is none, they'll say: We prevented it. The following photos tell another story.



African-American savagery... (tags)

Mob Kills Van's Occupants After Chicago Crash Wed Jul 31, 4:49 PM ET

AI Police Brutality Online Event (tags)

POLICE BRUTALITY ONLINE EVENT July 22 - 26, 2002 Listen to live panels online as they discuss the impact of police brutality on minorities in the U.S., take action against international police brutality, and test your knowledge of the issues during this week long event.

Golden Gate Bridge Demo - Police attacked us (tags)

Police attacked us

Police Attack Mumia Demonstration in Philly (tags)

Police attacked the Mumia demonstration today in Philadelphia called by International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Police Raid Protesters' Headquarters (tags)

Police take into custody some members of the anti-globalization Genoa Social Forum, after raiding their center in Genoa, Italy, early Sunday, July 22, 2001. Police entered the school, where most of the activists were camping in search of incriminating material after Friday and Saturday's violence in the streets of Genoa. Dozens were arrested while ambulances carried away several other injured people after the raid. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Police filming demonstration (tags)

Police film anti-GMO demonstrators as they march from Balboa Park to the San Diego Convention Center, June 24,2001.

Police Presence at San Ysidro Demonstration (tags)

Police in riot gear at San Ysidro demonstration

Police Bikes (tags)

Police presence in downtown LA on A13.

Police Overly Agressive -- March for U'wa Land Rights -- Police Charge (tags)

As police moved forcibly to clear the streets of a peaceful and legally permitted march, calm gave way to chaos. The slow moving police-with-bully-club line suddenly parted and 10 or 15 police officers came running and swinging at the crowd. People who fell were trampled or hit by the advancing police line.

Police Overly Agressive -- Monday's March for U'wa Land Rights -- Police Line (tags)

Police became enraged and pushed this peaceful and legally permitted march many blocks back into Pershing Square. Screaming in unison like militarized football players, an advancing police line jabbed and swung at anyone trying to reason with police or assert a right to continue the march.

police break up u'wa demo 1 (tags)

Police broke up a large demonstration through the streets of downtown LA and pushed the activists back to Pershing Square. Copyright 2000 Dang Ngo. Free for use by nonprofit, anti-corporate globalization organizations and for personal use. All other rights reserved.

Police at Thursday night rally (tags)

Police ready themselves underneath advertising for the corporate media. This was taken at dusk the last night of the Convention.

police ensure the safety of the multinationals (tags)

police ensure the safety of the multinationals while convincing mom and pop stores to board up.

People Skills (tags)

A helpful reminder to the LAPD who are monitoring this site -- "people skills" are allegedly the route for promotion in your army division.

cnn journalist injured by police (tags)

She was taken to Glendale Memorial Hospital, where she was diagnosed with bruised and contused ribs, and released.

Police Surround Convergence Center (tags)

Police occupy area surrounding D2K convergence center on Wed. night

Police aggressive with march against police brutality (tags)

Police along the route of Wednesday's march against police brutality were aggressive with protestors. A few minutes after this was taken, this line of police roughed up demonstrators and media.

Police mass at Parker (tags)

Police massed by the Parker Center Station to meet demonstrators who angrily protested police brutality.

police truck (tags)

cops being cops(noone looking

report on (tags)

Police arrested 95 people -- nearly half of them animal rights activists -- as thousands of protesters staged demonstrations near the site of the Democratic National Convention for a second night.

woman beaten by horseback police (tags)

police attack concert-goers as they attempt to leave the area.

Police Violence in LA, Aug. 14 (tags)

Police violence after Rage Against the Machine Concert on Aug. 14, 2000.

Police Intimidation Tactics Escalate (tags)

Police tactics during the first days of the convention.

Police Line (tags)

Police after the Rage Against the Machine concert outside the Democratic Convention



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