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Marc Emery - Escape to Canada (tags)

MARC EMERY SPEAKS AT WORLD PREMIERE OF FILM ESCAPE TO CANADA “ESCAPE TO CANADA” highlights the issue of Americans leaving their country to seek freedom in Canada. Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery is currently facing extradition to the US to face a sentence of 10 years to LIFE IMPRISONMENT for selling marijuana seeds to American customers.

Marc Weisbrot speaks on Venezuela at UCLA (tags)

Marc Weisbrot speaks on Venezuela at UCLA Monday night.

Marc Cooper's Attacks Amy Goodman With Graphic Language on KPFK Message Board (tags)

Marc Cooper Has Become a Frequent Contributor to an Electronic Message Board for KPFK Discussion. He uses grapic language and personal insults to lowere the level of discourse, then complains that the board is irrelevant.

Marc Cooper on the Peace Movement (tags)

Marc Cooper criticizes the peace movement but tries to define a constructive role for the Left, Published in today's L.A. Times Opinion section.

Marc Cooper Officially Speaks Out on Pacifica (tags)

Marc Cooper issues his own authenticated statement on Pacifica. He blames "both sides" for the spiraling conflict. Piece will hold for weeks.

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