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Indymedia Los Angeles 10th Anniversary Event! (tags)

On Saturday, November 14th, 2009, Los Angeles Indymedia will celebrate 10 years since the first Independent Media Center (IMC) opened its doors in Seattle to cover and support the demonstrations against the meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO). LA IMC is hosting an all day event, open to the public, encouraging current and former IMCistas to come out. There will be workshops, food, music, and community groups sharing their knowledge.

Barnum and Bailey Circus Protest (tags)

Protest one of the largest traveling torture acts Barnum and Bailey!

Bus Rider (tags)

LA's Bus Riders' Union marched strong to the Staple Center on August 15. The diverse and youthful group in yellow shirts were asking Gore if he was for Civil Rights or racism. If Gore can fund the military in Columbia, why can't he enforce the judicial consent decree that orders the MTA to provide more buses to the low-income community?

Big Frank (tags)

Big Frank, a Los Angeles County worker with SEIU Local 660, says, "Let's rally the troops" as busloads of union members got ready to march to the Staple Center to demain a 'Fair Share'.

Police Presence at D2KLA March (tags)

The massive police presence on Monday night increased the chances of violent action by boht the police and the protesters. After anticipating riots at this convention for many nonths, the police officers are primed to overreact.If the police admittedly plant infiltrators into protest groups, we have to consider the fact that they could be inciting violence within these groups.

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