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Elizabeth Warren: Hold the Cheers (tags)


Shield Act Targets First Amendment Freedoms (tags)

police state tactics

Back to the Future in Massachusetts: A Post Script – Brown Snubs Palin (tags)

So there you have it, the first major political figure to ride to victory partly on the back of the Tea Party Movement has decided to quickly distance himself from it rather than risk having it torpedo his hopes for reelection two years from now. Scott Brown wants to continue to be seen as a mainstream moderate New England Republican, anyone surprised by that?

Craig Becker Nomination Defeated As Cloture Vote Fails Thanks to Ben Nelson & B. Lincoln (tags)

Today I Have Lost My Faith in The Congress, Senate, Democrats & The Political System Thanks to Senators Ben Nelson & Blanche Lincoln Who Have Sold-Out The American Middle-Class Worker!

Political Earthquake Rocks Massachusetts (tags)

Massachusetts voters send a message to Washington

Scott Brown full blown AIPAC/Neocon advocate (tags)

Scott Brown full blown AIPAC/Neocon advocate

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