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turkish prime minister recep tayyip erdogan

Netanyahu Forms New Racist, Fascist Government (tags)


Boycott Israel: Now More Than Ever (tags)


A Zionist in disguise: Prime Minister Erdogan’s phony anti-Israel rhetoric (tags)

Mr Erdogan’s Cairo visit took place in the midst of Israel’s eight-day war on Gaza. Notwithstanding his habitual posturing over Israel’s war crimes, the focal point of his speech at the Cairo University was Syria. The fact remains that for the past 20 years, Turkey, Israel and NATO have maintained a high level of military and political cooperation against Iraq, Iran, Syria and the resistance groups in Palestine and Lebanon. Furthermore, since April 2011, Mr Erdogan’s government has been thoroughly complicit in NATO’s war crimes in Syria.

Bogus Iranian Nuclear Threat (tags)


Washington's Aleppo Strategy Failed (tags)


US Intelligence Says Turkish Warplane Downed in Syrian Waters (tags)


Advancing the Ball for War on Syria (tags)


Friends of Syria Declare War on Assad (tags)

class war

Anti-Israeli Friction Helps Palestinians (tags)


Turkey/Israeli War of Words (tags)


Imperialist Hands off Libya (tags)

""The "lap dog presses" in western nations will not assist in revealing the horrific imperial grab now shaping up in North Africa. The western powers are on the "counter attack" as naval might is now poised to "intervene" in Libya to "save the day," read still the victory, after the people themselves have deposed the dictator and begun to set up their own government. That is the west's' worst nightmare. Normal human beings, peacefully governing themselves? That would be a disaster and the most feared example from the "great white mans" perspective. And of course they want the oil and a potential launch pad for attacks (remember the contra war against revolutionary Nicaragua) on the new governments in Tunisia and Egypt should they deem to be too independent from the dictates of capital. Eh gads! They might decide to meet the needs of their citizens! The people of Libya will need to state to the entire world that they will defend they're independence and sovereignty with the force of arms from all invaders. Only then will the imperialist consider backing off. Expose the imperialist plan! "

Notes from Besieged Gaza (tags)

Relentlessly, Israel wages war on Gaza

Ceasefires, Israeli-Style (tags)

Israel never honors them.

Bush administration finalizes military attack on Iran (tags)

Bush administration finalizes military attack on Iran

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