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Screwing the Greens? The Smearing of Nancy Oden (tags)

Nancy Oden is just one of many people harassed or imprisoned under the US government's new anti-terrorism laws. But the smear campaign organized against her portends very difficult times ahead as new generations of activists have failed to learn the lessons of the past.

from the airports-are-now-a-no-speech-zone dept. (tags)

As one of the U.S. Green Party's top officials, Nancy Oden is used to controversy. But Oden never expected to be hassled by National Guard troops at her hometown airport of Bangor, Maine on Thursday and barred from flying out of it.....

Green Party USA elected Coordinator targeted as "terrorist"-denied rights (tags)

GREEN PARTY USA ELECTED COORDINATOR DETAINED AT AIRPORT-PREVENTED BY ARMED MILITARY FROM FLYING TO GREENS GNC MEETING IN CHICAGO IL USA Nancy Oden,an elected Green Party USA coordinator,has been denied flying privileges and her constitutional rights, because of Green Party USA opposition to the bombing in Afghanistan. The new "terrorism" laws have just removed all our rights and have created new "enemies lists"-WHO WILL BE NEXT??

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