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larsen field

Protest the WTO at the US/Mexico Border this Saturday! (tags)

If you can't make it to Cancun, we call on people throughout the United States to join together at the San Diego/Tijuana border on September 13th to resist the WTO and the failed model of corporate globalization.

U.S./Mexico Action - Chicano Militant (tags)

Photo of a young Chicano Militant at the FTAA border protest

Drawing of the Larsen Feild staging area (tags)

A crowd dwarfed by the open air and empty spaces at the US/Mexican boarder, but large enough to feel more then excited by gathered at wet Larsen Field at Boarderfeild park. I drew this sketch behind the stage, horse mounted cops rode back and forth around the group. Inside the large mass of people. some were listening to the speaches on the stage and the music in front of it while others where gearing up in there affinity groups to get into action, some were singing loudly in circles, jumping up and down in a pre-football-game rally, others were chanting, "tonight, we're gonna fuck shit up."

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