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No blank check for Donald Rumsfeld (tags)

Practical Idealism weighs the Rumsfeld matter

The future, at a crossroads (tags)

Space shuttle tragedy prompts review, angst for Practical Idealism

BTL: Sen.Paul Wellstone Remembered as a Man of Principle and Idealism... (tags)

...Qualities Rare Among U.S. Politicians. Interview with Robert Borosage,Campaign for America's Future by Scott Harris

Practical Idealism unites protest of China, globalization, Mid East (tags)

To assist some of the goals of dissent, Practical Idealism is now being made into an explicit cause with organization as below.

Nobel Laureate Says: Stupidity is the Enemy; Idealism Is Our Only Hope (tags)

John Polanyi, who helped draft the statement by 100+ Nobel laureates warning that our security hangs on environmental and social reform, explains why they acted--out of a sense of obligation and idealism. (Republished from the Toronto Globe & Mail.)

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