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Police shootings 2017 database - Washington Post (tags)

Police shootings database 2017

Washington Intends Breaching Iran Nuclear Deal (tags)


Washington Risks Global War (tags)


Washington Criticizes Syrian Self-Defense (tags)


VIDEO: "The Original Knickerbocker" - Washington Irving (tags)

Washington Irving was an American author best known for his fictional works, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" & "Rip Van Winkle." Andrew Burstein discusses his book, "The Original Knickerbocker: The Life of Washington Irving."

Bush Hiding Secrets of "Dictator Act" from HomeSecCom Chairman (tags)

Captain Eric May, the Internet intelligence writer, updates his investigation into a possible summer false flag and dictatorship by Bush.

Subverting Iran (tags)

Washington's War Inside Iran

Art of War : Anti-War (tags)

Washington DC, September 24, 2005

Rumsfailed Must Go (tags)

Rumsfield's lies can no longer hide his responsiblity for what has become a disgrace for our country


Washington Cleric Slams Bush “Christianity” as “Triumphalism” singling out for attack the code hymn/references, phrases, and End/time constructs used by the President, for example in his State of the Union speech.

This is what plutocracy looks like (tags)


Iraq - Washington's Ongoing Dirty (tags)

Washington continues to bomb Iraq almost daily, terrorizing a civilian population still devastated by war damage and on the brink of collapse due to brutal economic sanctions.

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