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Gulliver Calls and the Dwarfs Follow (tags)

"Imperial overreach threatens Europe's economic resources and military arsenals already strained to the limit.. The emperor and his people should quickly understand that the Imperium Americanum cannot subjugate the globe." Translated fr German

Will the World Finance the Imperium Americanum? (tags)

"The US could come out of the war in Iraq to establish a new, modern form of colonialism Now, Bush &Co can not only do as they please to get at foreign resources without any fear of reprisal from other governments; they can even hand over the bill.."

Condemned to Empire (tags)

Does empire encourage untruthfulness, the rewriting of history and the crisis of language and community? Can the unipolar moment annul the multipolar reality? Does denial of interdependence plunge a cnation into paralysis? Translated from the German

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