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Paraphysique de la vie (tags)

L'objectivité n'existe pas...

Paraphysique de la vie (tags)

La paraphysique de la vie est la vie de la paraphysique...

Curiosity, aller sur Mars, pourquoi faire? (tags)

Privé ou étatique, le capitalisme c'est " Lasciate ogni speranza "...

Bush and Cheney wore the flag to appear patriotic. (tags)

Obama does not need to follow.

Bern does not need US permission (tags)

Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey says her country does not need Washington's permission to advance its strategic interests.

We Don’t Need Them (tags)

Time to wake up, time to grow up. We’re not children. We do not need to ask permission to live like sane, reasonable, thoughtful, compassionate human beings. We do not need to beg or bow or kneel. We do not need to look to government or to experts or to the rich and famous

Kucinich to Propose Dept. of Peace (tags)

A report on Dennis J. Kucinich's speech at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church on April 5th, 2003.

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