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Hamas’s Theater of the Absurd: “Cannibals in Gaza” (tags)

This article looks at how Hamas abuses average Gazans in its struggle with Israel.

Gaza to overtake Saudi Arabia with executions per capita (tags)

Hamas to execute 13 in gaza for crimes against the regime

hamas terror tactics in Gaza (tags)

hamas terror tactics in Gaza


Hamas releases important statement, reported on

Hamas emphasizes need for Israeli withdrawal (tags)

Khalid Mashal, a leader-in-exile of the Palestinian Hamas party, stated Monday in an interview that Israel must withdraw its troops from Palestinian territories as a prerequisite for peace talks. "If Israel recognises our rights and pledges to withdraw from all occupied lands, Hamas, and the Palestinian people together with it, will decide to halt armed resistance."

From Jordan to the sea (tags)

Islamic militants declare war on road map for peace

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