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Police Violence AT WTO Protests Costs Seattle Taxpayers $250,000 (tags)

In a time when Seattle is in deep need of money for its schools, etc., we are paying $250,000, and rightly so, to protesters who were grotesquely violated at the WTO protests in 1999. And Seattle did not learn from that riot, as it produced two more...

photoessay: MARCH 22 NY ANTIWAR MARCH by Hans Bennett (tags)

On Saturday, March 22 I traveled out to New York from Philadelphia to join hundreds of thousands of others in New York declaring my opposition to the recent escalation of the US attack on Iraq.

Long Beach Anti-War Protest on March 22, 2003 (tags)

Images from the March 22 Long Beach anti-war protest/rally.

Photo Essay on March 22 CNN Protest (tags)

Protester's-eye-view photo essay on the March 22 protest at CNN, and the resulting civil disobedience and police action.

Come Celebrate PERSIAN NEW YEARS this Friday March 22 in Long Beach at 7:00 PM (tags)


Celebrate Persian New Years!!! Friday March 22 at the Long Beach Infoshop (tags)

woooooooooo hooooooooooooo come join us for a potluck and movie

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