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Video: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World (tags)

The financial crisis mutates into a worldwide economic crisis. Corporate fraud, regulatory failure and expansion of the financial sector lead to atrophy of public spirit. Harry Hopkins and FDR created 4 million jobs in 2 months. Work must be redefined and shared.

The Letter that Shook the World (tags)

The 1989 letter that resulted in the "birth" of "Israel", Deaf Messenger, "servant of rulers" (Is. 49:7).

Robert Fisk: War Disturbs Most Dangerous Political Tectonic Plate in the World (tags)

The great unasked question: "The most powerful military force on earth has now begun its bombardment of the world's poorest, most ravaged Muslim nation. And no matter how many loaves of bread are dropped with our bombs, will there be a Muslim who will approve?"

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