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Uncovered Conspiracy to Screw Up Sites Like Indymedia (tags)

Ever wonder who these assholes are who go onto leftist sites like Indymedia and spew their ranting, insulting, mental-rapist garbage? They were paid for and trained by some rich conservatives.

Maybe it's just... (tags)

...that each and every time a Bush Admirer post finds itself on the list, one can be sure to see more bombastic, unfounded opinions without the trappings of reality or substantiation. Insulting without reason and generally a deliberate disruption. This is when posts aren't being lifted and touted under this author's own name without reference. But the spelling is always so correct.

Flame Wars at the edge() (tags)

I keep forgetting... There will always be nonanarchists, Bush Admirers, frescas and now, of course, Walker Tex ass... It's all so clear. Turn IMC into a scrum. What was I thinking?

Why did Bush Admirer change his handle to GD? (tags)

Maybe because he knows that Bush is a festering sore in the body politic?

IMC Hits Lowest Lows (tags)

If you're going to insult people, why not just go back to kindergarden?

Big Brother Wants to Make Me an Unperson (tags)

An ignore feature? Ridiculous. Is this how you get around having to allow "open publishing"?

Syria is next (tags)

Foriegn Relations Commite to Syria, "Your either with us or with the terrorist "

Laughing at KOBE (tags)

The stupidity of KOBE never stops.

The Pitiable State of LA-IMC (tags)

Pathetic, really.


matt f/k/a Pissed Off In Ohio (POIO) July 4, 2003

Bush is a bigger liar than clinton (tags)

I knew Bush would hang himself. This story is from the Washington Post, (oh but Bush Admirer will just say the Washington Post is a left wing rag). Talk radio shrills are still rambling about Clinton lieing about his extra-marital affairs while it is becoming clear that bush lied to the world about the reason for war in Iraq now you tell me which is worse.


Awwwww....Bush Admirer doesn't like the funny stuff. BWAAAAAAAAHHHH. Pout, pout, pout.

A Matter of Concern (tags)

Old news being recycled. Why? Lots of nick stealing too.

What America means to me. (tags)

In response to several stupid things published here by fascists, I would like to take the time to ask, what does America mean to you?

Bush Admirer is Simple Simon (tags)

"Split" Personality

Futility (tags)

Futile Attempts at Communication


Let's flood the city with this message.

Troll Alert! (tags)

To L.A.Indymedia moderators/editors regarding posts from "Bush Admirer".

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