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US Neocon Urges War on Iran (tags)


Michele Bachmann: Way Out There in the Blue (tags)


Understanding the Holocaust (tags)

How could it happen and could it happen again?

The Mayab (tags)

The Mayab - the land of the Mayans.

CHERYL SEAL EXCLUSIVE!!! Shocking Entry From the Diary of Barney the White House Dog!!! (tags)

This diary entry was sneaked out of the White House by a mouse who prefers to be known only as "Deep Throat II". After some bartering (which involved an undisclosed amount of oatmeal and cheddar cheese), I obtained the diary pages. Here is the entry. The illustrations are my interpretations of first-hand descriptions of certain incidents told to me by Deep Throat II, who secretly taped Barneys conversations with Lulu, a mouse that lives in the White House kitchen.

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