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La pensée conditionnée (tags)

La vérité n'est pas la pensée conditionnée...

Trump and the Post-Factual (tags)

Trump's politics is naive and skeptical, gullible and cynical. Trump's relation with truth is like a generalization of conspiracy theory assumptions that see manipulative-conspiratorial activities at work behind observable reality. Beware pathological narcissists & path paranoids!

La société future, la société sans relation (tags)

Tout est à repenser...

Numérisation des idiosyncrasies clonées (tags)

Du clonage psychologique...

Paraphysique de paradoxologie (tags)

Tout dépend du contexte...

La société future, la société sans relation (tags)

La relation sans futur...

La pensée conditionnée (tags)

Poésie paraphysique...

Paraphysique de paradoxologie (tags)

L'argent de la relation n'est que la relation de l'argent...

La pensée conditionnée (tags)

La pensée conditionnée est le conditionnement de la pensée...

La société du futur (tags)

GERMANY: Notes on Neoliberalism (tags)

"The neoliberal revolution was the product of an historical development, a reaction to changed circumstances. In its course, many western states in the 1970s and 1980s reordered the relation of state and private power.."

Global Social Policy (tags)

The problem is not understanding but ideology. Market fundamentalists insist government jobs are not jobs. Those working government jobs under FDR are sometimes classified as unemployed to belittle FDR's great achievement in reducing unemployment from 25% to 10%.

Update and Letter from Eric McDavid (tags)

Update on Eric's situation in Victorville, and a letter from Eric

Infiltration and Inefficiencies in State Regulatory Agencies (tags)

The person/s (activists, perhaps assassins) the agencies seek in relation to the approaching APEC summit may be known to the activist and broader political community; it is therefore with extreme prejudice that we cite government failures in relation to security and policing matters. The APEC summit may become the greatest security failure in Australian history. Infiltration/undercover operations are a two-edged sword; however, that sword has been broken by anti-corruption zealots in NSW. The State now faces gaping inefficiencies and a lack of urgently required expertise.

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