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Vaccination Update for Our Community (tags)

Residents of our community who are 65 years old and older can now register for COVID-19 vaccination appointments. The opening of appointment registration for a new tier today comes as the County opens five large capacity vaccination sites.

Washington Govrnr Stops Use of Health Vaccinations May 2019 (tags)

The government of Washington nw usa has issued an order to stop use of vaccinations.

Proposed US Legislation Mandating Child Vaccinations (tags)


Suspected Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Outbreak Hits Ukraine (tags)

Ukraine situation may head everywhere

Would You Submit To a Mandatory Government Vaccination? (tags)

It is difficult to understand the logic of government health officials. If the Government believes that swine flu is worse for people with low immunity, why then does the government want to inject those people with vaccines that contain toxic substances that perhaps might lower their immunity further?

Early and Current Fears about Vaccine Dangers (tags)

All vaccines are hazardous

Vaccination Myths and Truths (tags)

vaccine dangers

Readying Americans for Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations (tags)

an insidious government-industry plot

Free Vaccinations against Heptatitis A & B at Sunset Junction (tags)

Summer vaccination program against hepatitis A and B offering free vaccinations at Sunset Junction Street Fair, August 26-27

Police Refused Vaccinations (tags)

Alex Jones ( says the police refused government forced vaccinations.

Vaccinations Deplete Vitamin A (tags)

Vaccinations deplete Vitamin A and thus cause Cancer.

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