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A Century of War (tags)


Obama's World: Peace a Convenient Illusion (tags)


Scoundrel Media Afghan Massacre Cover-Up (tags)


Besieging and Terror Bombing Sirte (tags)


Targeting Lawyers - The Case of Paul Bergrin (tags)

police state targeting of lawyers

America's Tortured Past (tags)

America's sordid legacy

Reviewing Marjorie Cohn and Kathleen Gilberd's "Rules of Disengagement" (tags)

Right of GIs to refuse to fight in illegal wars

Iraq under U.S. Occupation? (tags)

From the White House, reports leak out about plans for an Iraq after the Ba’th (the ruling party of Iraq). The main scenarios do not allow for the development of democracy in Iraq. Each of them is built on a racist assumption: that the Iraqis either need a military dictator or else a monarch – any form of democracy is impossible to imagine.

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