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HABEAS LOUNGE Perspective Group 10 / Bicyclists + Public Transportation / DTLA Art Walk (tags)

How does downtown exist as a hub for MTA riders and bicyclists in the city? The HABEAS LOUNGE is a built environment created by LA artist Linda Pollack, specifically constructed to foster and animate civic dialogue. Topics of past LOUNGE series include urban planning, constitutional issues, the economy, and city history.


This Video event was hosted by Nomads and Residents, a LA based Artists and Writers collective that holds discussions on art and culture. The premise of each event, created by a member, is that at each talk an LA based Artist is paired with an out-of-towner to elucidate a particular theme. Members include- Joyce Campbell, Rita Gonzalez, Sharon Hayes, Anna Helwing, Maria Karlsson, Tessa Laird, Annika Lundgren, Rachel Mayeri, Lize Mogel, Tone O. Nielsen, Linda Pollack, Bea Schlingelhoff, Jeannie Simms, Tran,T. Kim-Trang

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