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Femicide? We still call it homicide!!! (tags)

Why they still call it femicide?

Freewhy (tags)

A little and sencillo poem from my brazilian eyes i wrote from the weeks i lived in LA and California. hope enjoy it.


Recession whatever they call it, marches on! They called it “ jobless growth”, a “slowdown” an economic crisis and all politicians call it except by its true name. Why are they so afraid of this word? Although it affects everyone, politicians and bourgeois econimist refuse to call it by its name. But the hard facts tells the truth. Now, the seniors and older Americans are the latest victims of these recession.

Flog the blogger (tags)

No one controls the blog

Not in the jury's name (tags)

The Governor of Tennessee must stop an execution scheduled for 18 June in his state because he cannot rely on the jury's original sentencing decision, Amnesty International said today, releasing a

The first "crop circle" of 2003 (tags)

The first "crop circle" of 2003 has arrived. Details here.

pro-war policy costs 4 US soldier's lives, 12 British (tags)


The walls of Jerico (tags)

Magic, God, and the Tyrrany of evil men.

They Call it Asymmetrical Warfare (tags)

The heavy handed tactics witnessed in Los Angeles are part of an escalating trend of militarizing police, and using more force against domestic populations. Links to an indepth report on same.

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