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Surpopulation et paupérisation (tags)

Il faut se conformer à tous les conditionnements...

Anamnèse de la photosynthèse (tags)

Hypertoxique est le monde marchandisé...

Permaculture, toilettes sèches, ou No future (tags)

Les archives de la Terre...

L'irradiation de perversion narcissique ( PN ) (tags)

Toutes les horreurs, au tout vilain...

Monde WC, air vicié, et basta (tags)

Et au fond, le 49.3 est tout gouvernement...

Fake news, deepfakes, du cellulaire steak (tags)

D'autres étiquettes pour une même oppression...

Paraphysique gaslighting précariat prolétarisé (tags)

Postmodernisme, du nouveau merdisme...

L'industrialisation des possibles (tags)

Police de la pensée, la pensée de l'armée...

Virilité de compétition et de guerre (tags)

Mots des guerres, la guerre des mots...

Virilité de compétition et de guerre (tags)

Mots des guerre, guerre des mots...

Nomophobie d'illectronisme (tags)

Et toute idée est forcément reçue...

Nomphobie d'illectronisme (tags)

Et toute idée est forcément reçue...

De Chauvet, à qui-va-là ? (tags)

Tout un sacré mélange...

L'abjection en réappropriation (tags)

S'adapter, se réadapter, à l'abjection...

Trois quatrains (tags)

Flux et reflux...

Proprioception réelle ou irréelle (tags)

L'anarchie comme vraie démocratie...

So how exactly can we fix this economic mess? (tags)

“It’s the conditions that generate pessimism, which are also the conditions that are likely to generate the resistance, which is a source of optimism,” says Blakeley.

"There is no vaccine to save the planet" (tags)

In the Arctic, 2020 has seen exceptional warmth, with temperatures more than 3 degrees Celsius above average - and more than 5 degrees in northern Siberia. Arctic sea ice in October was the lowest on record - and now re-freezing has been the slowest on record. Greenland ice has continued its long-term decline.

Le morcellement d'unification (tags)

La guerre des territoires...

Hormonothérapie biopsychosocioculturelle (tags)

Les hormones de la culture...

Le morcellement d'unification (tags)

Les territoires de la guerre...

Copie d'original, original de copie (tags)

Tout est interconnecté...

Paraphysique du corporatisme identitaire (tags)

Quand tout est morcelé et fragmenté...

Paraphysique du localisme au globalisme (tags)

Du régional, du national, de l'international...

Séparatisme de l'abîme (tags)

Tout un séparatisme...

Paraphysique de l'affliction paritaire (tags)

De la révolution inconnue...

Nolens volens, volens nolens, inertie d'impéritie (tags)

D'une toute nouvelle réaction...

Du mégacène énergivore (tags)

Il faut vite, très vite, une autre source...

Le capital ou la société des inégalités (tags)

Le capital en permanence délinquant...

Paraphysique de l'inné et de l'acquis (tags)

Chaque niveau d'organisation bien placé...

Paraphysique du racialisme (tags)

Un monde de bétonisation...

Gamification d'incommunicabilité (tags)

Le mot n'est pas la chose...

Stratification sociale genrée (tags)

Bourgeoise ou populaire, l'armée nous fiche en l'air...

Le morcellement d'unification (tags)

Unification du morcellement, morcellement de l'unification...

Paraphysique de manipulation mentale et sociale (tags)

Tout est manipulé...

Paraphysique de l'hybris pirocratie (tags)

La violence comme mode pensée...

Déstabilisation, infiltration, intoxication (tags)

La France, le pays le plus brillant du capital...

Synergologie de gestion de barbarie (tags)

Gestion de barbarie, barbarie de gestion...

Séparatisme de l'abîme (tags)

Le genre inhumain...

Paraphysique de l'affliction paritaire (tags)

Du corporatisme, et à chaque échelle...

Paraphysique du catastrophisme (tags)

Le capitalisme affiche son mensonge partout...

Nolens volens, volens nolens, inertie d'impéritie (tags)

Une fin programmée dans l'inéluctabilité...

Irénisme d'antinomie (tags)

Le capitalisme est une sorte d'irénisme...

Paraphysique de l'aplanissement diversifié (tags)

Uniformisation de la diversité, diversité de l'uniformisation...

Le capital ou la société des inégalités (tags)

L'idéologie du pouvoir, le pouvoir de l'idéologie...

Surpopulation et paupérisation (tags)

Totale mutation des mentalités ou l'inhumanité généralisée...

Capitalisme catastrophiste autoréalisateur (tags)

Au tout catastrophe...

Planète Terre (tags)

Puème paraphysique...

La société du harcèlement (tags)

Tous les harcèlements du capital...

Paraphysique du racialisme (tags)

Pas de races, mais des classes...

Gamification d'incommunicabilité (tags)

Du réel au virtuel...

Venezuela's 3 Cent A Gallon Gas & Hugo Chavez' Death (tags)

It was Venezuela's 3 cent a gallon gas which attracted the destabilization of that country by the CIA

Philippines election: Maverick Rodrigo Duterte wins presidency (tags)

Maverick anti-crime candidate Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte has won the Philippine presidential elections, following the withdrawal of his opponents.

Stratification sociale genrée (tags)

Rose pour les filles, bleu pour les garçons...

Paraphysique de manipulation mentale et sociale (tags)

Manipulation mentale, manipulation sociale...

Paraphysique de l'hybris pirocratie (tags)

L'avènement du pirocrate...

Irénisme d'antinomie (tags)

Ce n'est rien du tout, commençons le combat...

Christianity's Savior in the Middle East (tags)

With one exception, Christians throughout the countries of the Middle East are at risk or on the run, their churches burned, their property expropriated, their personal safety in peril from thugs intent on beatings, rapes, and murders

Israel popularity 2'nd from last of 197 nations - BBC poll (tags)

A new poll commissioned by the BBC was released this week, and it shows again that isra hell is ranked second from the bottom of 197 countries, is considered a danger to world peace, and is just about the world’s most negatively viewed country, and that it's support globally continues to evaporate.

US retail sales figures slip again, showing decrease for third straight month (tags)

The road to recovery, as they might be saying on the campaign trail, is a hard one and expecting a sudden change in fortunes is fool hardy. Ever since the global financial crash in 2008, governments, political leaders and all sorts of economic and financial wunderkinds have been struggling to recover, the bite being still as wicked as before.

Akbayan and the Struggle for a New Philippines (tags)

(Speech at the Gene Viernes and Silme Domingo Awards Event, Seattle University, Seattle, Washington State, July 2, 2011.)

PHILIPPINES: Our Failed Labor-Export Policy (tags)

The impacts of disasters occurring in other parts of the world, from Libya to Japan, have perhaps been communicated more drastically to the Philippines than to other countries. Whether it is the tragic trilogy of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear fallout in Japan or the civil war in Libya, external crises are swiftly transformed into internal crises for our country, as thousands of families are pushed into poverty and economic hardship when their breadwinners are dislocated and repatriated back to the Philippines, where jobs offering decent wages are scarce.

Barack lashes out at Americans (tags)

Barack lashes out at Americans

Anger as the Ship Goes Down (tags)

Obama's proposed banking reforms are likely to face insurmountable opposition from Congress, where lobby interests have become all-powerful. Worse still, writes George Blecher, the proposals themselves don't go far enough.

PHILIPPINES: New Economics for a New Administration (tags)

The dominant feature of the Arroyo administration was pervasive corruption, but its most destructive legacy in the long term will probably be its policy failures. The ascent to power of a new president, backed by a new Congress, provides the opportunity for a fundamental shift in policy in order to end poverty and re-launch the Philippines on the road to development.

Oil's End! Honda's Hydrogen Car Decimates Big Oil! (tags)

The future is here and its Hydrogen and the Big Oil Companies know it! Thats why they're "Goouging" American motorists for every cent they can while the "Gouging" is good!!!

Big Oil and the War on Drugs and Terrorism (tags)

The "Big Oil" chessgame, aided and abetted by the so-called wars on drugs and terrorism, has made most of humanity its pawns and has expanded corporate control over our lives.

Carlyle in talks to sell %9.9 management stake to Chinese (tags)

Carlyle Group is in talks to sell up to 9.9 per cent of itself to China’s Social Security Fund in a move that would make it the latest American buyout firm to sell a stake in its management company to the Chinese.

Mexicans find a rough welcome mat in Canada (tags)

Mexicans find a rough welcome mat in Canada Tourists, being denied entry in increasing numbers, report harsh, insensitive, even racist treatment by Canadian border officials

Punish drug dealers instead of Homeless people (tags)

Los Angeles City Council should outlaw drug dealing inside L.A. city limits instead of outlawing homelessness.

The Art of Misinformation and Crowd Management (tags)

In answer to growing animosity and the widely held view that the USA is a pariah among nations, compensatory responses from U.S. propagandists are becoming more frequent. The following media ‘staff report’ has been released to a number of international media outlets; India, Pakistan, Australia and Thailand to name the few. However, the ‘news’ release has received little coverage elsewhere, especially in locations familiar with U.S. double standards and hypocrisy. We refer to two Australian releases for our brief analysis.

Target (tags)

How much should the wealthy give to the poor?

One Year to Save the Amazon and Keep Global Warming From Spiraling Out of Control! (tags)

We've got VERY little time to help save the Amazon forest from total devastation which could cause global warming to spiral out of control, and the Amazon provides an enormous amount of the oxygen on which we rely. Please read the message below and, please help spread the word! The Amazon should not be cut down to grow genetically engineered soya for livestock feed!!!

Will Americans Join Iraqis, Lebanese and Palestinians as Neocon Victims? (tags)

The Unfolding Horror Show

Attitudes among authorities and the public (tags)

Mexican society generally considers domestic violence to be a private matter

What Californians Should Do About the High Price of Gas (tags)

How should a democratic, relatively educated, supposedly enlightened society react to ever increasing gasoline prices? A proposal in the context of what is politically possible in California.

Israel investigates N-secrets hacking (tags)

Which is an open admission that multi-stage nuclear weapons are being built at Dimona. To what end? Germany foolishly gave Israel 3 Submarines capable of launching nukes onto any continent! Plus Israel has threatened European and other capitals with nuclear annihilation if it doesn't get it's way on everything.

Join The Ranks Of The Insane (tags)

Ganja makes you psychotic?

Top 100 'poor' on social impact (tags)

A new report by a pro-business consultancy reveals corporate responsibility is sorely lacking among the world's top 100 firms, especially in the US.

America's Bar-B-Que Vote (tags)

While the angry white man (AWM) understands that John Kerry is a decorated Vietnan Vet who enjoys extreme sports, the AWM is ultimately dissatisfied because Kerry isn't the kind of guy he can talk to around the barbecue.

Austrialians turning against Iraq War (tags)

FOR the first time, a majority of Australians believe the country should not have supported the war in Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein, according to a new poll.


The Democratic party leaders met secretly over the weekend in various time zones according to pertainent forward orders to reset clocks affecting the international dateline leverage on the passover which continues to put pressure on the dollar and other news.

The Iraq invasion has proved a gigantic disaster by almost every measure. (tags)

What has been the human cost of the invasion? The most authoritative estimate of Iraqi civilian war deaths puts the figure at between 7376 and 9178. Since the formal end of hostilities a further 2200 or so Iraqi civilians have died at coalition hands. Strangely enough, no one knows, even approximately, how many Iraqi soldiers were killed. The humanitarian group Medact recently suggested that the number might be as low as 13,500 or as high as 45,000.


A poll of 1000 registered voters, conducted by Elway-McGuire Research for Knight Ridder from Wednesday through Saturday, found the percentage of people saying they would definitely vote to oust Governor Gray Davis dropped from 52 per cent on Wednesday to 44 per cent on Saturday.

Growing Panic at BushCo (tags)

The cost of making it flow could produce an economic crisis in the US. And it is this - rather than the daily killing of young American soldiers - that lies behind the Bush administration's growing panic. Washington has got its hands on the biggest treasure chest in the world - but it can't open the lid.

Oil, War & A Growing Sense Of Panic In The US (tags)

Don't Tell Me That America Would Have Invaded Iraq If Its Chief Export Was Beetroot

America's rich get richer thanks to tax-cutting Bush (tags)

Collectively, the 400 richest Americans are worth nearly one TRILLION dollars and it's mostly the top one percent who are pocketing Bush's tax cuts. Meanwhile, WalMart managers are teaching employees how to obtain food stamps.

Blairs Nest of Vipers (tags)


Germans go west in search of jobs and prosperity (tags)

Although Germany remains a wealthy country packed with well-paid jobs, the options have narrowed for a significant number of people.

Americans Concerned About Media Behemoths, Poll Shows (tags)

Washington — The more Americans learn about federal changes that lift restrictions on companies owning different media outlets in the same city, the less they like it, a new poll suggests.

Globe and Mail Editorial (Toronto) (tags)

The team leader of the trial, Dr Anatoli Kamalai, acknowledged that there was "no measurable reduction" in HIV incidence with "no hint of even a small effect." The trial showed there to be no connection between sexual activity and AIDS.

Americans ill-served by own media (tags)

Here are a few under-reported yet telling statistics from a Princeton Survey Research Associates poll conducted two months ago:

Earth 2050 (tags)

The World's resources are quickly disappearing in the face of the new global economy study says

Victorious warlords set to open the opium floodgates (tags)

Ali expects the new rulers of the province to encourage him to grow as much opium as possible. 'Before the ban the government used to collect taxes on my poppies, now the warlords will collect them. We will have no problems from them,' he said.

Taco Bell Demonstration in East LA (tags)

Hundreds honked as a contingent of students and activists picketed a Taco Bell to raise awareness of the national boycott.

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