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Video: "How Democracies Die," 1 hr 12 min (tags)

Steve Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt examined the causes that lead to breakdowns in democracies around the wiorld.

Video: Book Discussion on Louis D. Brandeis, 1 hr 24 min (tags)

Supreme Court justice Louis D. Brandeis is considered the father of modern anti-trust legislation. He stressed breaking up big banks and using countervailing influences. Bigness was opposed on moral grounds.

VIDEO: "Koch Brothers Exposed," 2012, 1 hr (tags)

Millions of dollars are spent in propaganda to convince the public that social security is bankrupt, that the retirement age should be raised to 70 and that social security should be turned into private retirement accounts. Millions are spent to undermine unions & privatize education.

VIDEO: "Super Amigos," 2007, 1 hr 12 min (tags)

Difference is a strength and enrichment, not a threat. Resisting exorbitant rents is part of the larger struggle to reclaim the city. The sovereignty of human rights could replace the sovereignty of nation-states when it mutates into market rule (cf. Rafeal Correa, Ecuador)

VIDEO: Life and Times of Nelson Mandela, 1 hr 42 min (tags)

Mandela has given us all something to aim for, a democratic and free society where harmony prevails. Only Mandela could prevent a race riot, a nightmarish civil war.

Osama: Palestinian Cause Was 'Main Factor' for 9/11 (tags)

Excellent panel discussion on the Middle East airing tonight on C-SPAN 2 at 8 PM on the west coast and at 11 PM on the east coast

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