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The US election as a turning point (tags)

We seek emancipatory methods of decision-making that organize social life without leaders, command and obedience. We need enlightenment, a free press critical of domination, counter-publics, and social movements that fight for the dignity of all people. We will write history from below

War in Syria (tags)

For diversion, an attack was ordered on alleged chemical weapon facilities in Syria with 100 "beautiful missiles" (Trump's words). A power demonstration was on the agenda in the interest of the powerful arms industry.

The Missile Attack Ordered by Trump is a Serious Crime (tags)

Assad's regime defends itself against an international alliance that seeks his overthrow in violation of international law. Whoever wants to see Assad overthrown should answer the question whether we would rather see the Nusra Front in power.

US Election as a Turn of an Era (tags)

Karl Marx modified a Hegel quotation that world-historical events always occurred twice, the first time as tragedy and the next time as farce. Since November 9, 2016, we know they can occur as tragedy and farce at once.

Puño de Hierro en Turquía (tags)

Basta leer unas líneas, por ejemplo del “Corriere della sera” (1), para hacerse una idea de qué sucederá en Turquía después del fallido golpe del 15 de julio. “El puño de hierro de Erdogan, después del fallido golpe en Turquía: estoy dispuesto a reintroducir la pena de muerte. Suspendidos ocho mil policías, opositores desnudados y atados. La UE: si hay ejecuciones, Turquía no entrará en Europa”. Naturalmente la Unión Europea, a la cual la Turquía de Erdogan ha solicitado desde hace tiempo el participar como país miembro a todos los efectos, se “preocupa” de que no haya ejecuciones, de manera que pueda salvar la cara con el régimen represivo turco y con cualquier otro régimen represivo europeo.

Obama Orders Airstrikes to Defend ISIS in Syria (tags)


Turkey Murders Press TV Reporter Serena Shim (tags)

police state

Anti-Government Protests Rock Turkey (tags)


A Zionist in disguise: Prime Minister Erdogan’s phony anti-Israel rhetoric (tags)

Mr Erdogan’s Cairo visit took place in the midst of Israel’s eight-day war on Gaza. Notwithstanding his habitual posturing over Israel’s war crimes, the focal point of his speech at the Cairo University was Syria. The fact remains that for the past 20 years, Turkey, Israel and NATO have maintained a high level of military and political cooperation against Iraq, Iran, Syria and the resistance groups in Palestine and Lebanon. Furthermore, since April 2011, Mr Erdogan’s government has been thoroughly complicit in NATO’s war crimes in Syria.

Syria on the Boil (tags)


New York Times Bashes Outspoken World Leaders (tags)


Urgent petition: Save Sulukule! (tags)

Urgent campaign to save Sulukule (Turkey) and protect the oldest Rrom community in the world.

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