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Divorce Scuttles Shotgun Likud/Kadmia Wedding (tags)


Palestinian Authority Police Brutalize Peaceful Protesters (tags)


Oil passes USD 138 on Israel's Iran threat: (tags)

Look how much Israel is costing US

Israel STILL Beating Iran War Dead Horse (tags)

Shades of Iraq ...

A Sad Day For Civil Liberty In Israel (tags)

The only "Democracy" in the Middle East locks up a Man for writing a Pamphlet informing people of their Legal "Rights".

The World condemns Israeli racism... (tags)

ISRAEL IS DEMOCRATIC? FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION? THINK AGAIN.... JERUSALEM - Israeli leaders shrugged off condemnation of their decision to "remove" Yasser Arafat whenever they choose, saying Friday the Palestinian leader should have been ousted long ago and the world has no right to judge a nation facing constant suicide bombings.

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