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a post-'normal' booke review: chellis glendinning on recovery from western civilization (tags)

this review employs two main elements: orthodox "texting" and as well, permitting myself to art into another direction than perhaps previously anticipated. incorporated into this post is image, non-blunt points, rectangles, and other lines, along with 'marginal' commentary. All of this certainly cuts down on the verbiage and gets to "the point" (and allows for more broad input from those whose spirit just really ain't oriented to 'composing' formal ideas of text, re: "book reviews"). Lastly, this way allows people to leave *traces* of their spirit in a less mediated way.

Test Subject (tags)

The Perils of Globalization (tags)

Social critic and bestselling author Jerry Mander makes a forceful case against economic globalization arguing that we need to take a harder look at the hidden costs of deregulation and global free trade.

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