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Compartir es bueno llega al SIMO!!! (tags)

​​​​LLega la campaña “Compartir es Bueno” al SIMO. Primero fue Bilbao, luego Valencia, ahora Madrid, muy pronto Zaragoza… esto es imparable!!!

Co-fournder of Self-Help Graphics Dies (tags)

Only three years after the death of Self-Help Graphics' founder, Sister Karen Boccalero, Mazatlan artist Carlos Bueno died Saturday of heart failure at the age of 60. Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Carlos Bueno moved to Los Angeles in the late 1960's with a vision for Mexican-American culture. In the 1 970's, Carlos organized Self-Help Graphics' Barrio Mobile Arts Studio, bringing a van loaded with art supplies to parks, community centers and the housing projects of East L.A.

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