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Is Zionism a Failed Ideology? (tags)

"In Israel, Avraham Burg, former speaker of the Knesset, recently warned that if Israel wishes to preserve what little democracy it still has, it must either withdraw to its pre-1967 boundaries or grant full citizenship to the approximately 3.5 million Palestinians in the occupied territories, a step that would spell the virtual end of the Jewish state...."

Atheism in the Church, and the Pro-War Movement (tags)

The Pro-War position, which is advocated by ‘bible believing Christians' who are part of the religious right, is actually an expression of an ancient form of atheism, in that those who hold to this position do not really believe in the existence of God, and therefore turn instead to a bankrupt philosophy that holds that ‘God can only work through people' (the military industrial complex in this example).

Is Zionism a form of racism? A look at its historical roots (tags)

For those of you unfamiliar with the Bible, a small sampling of the earliest Zionist settlement policies, to help people decide if there is anything racist here (enjoy)

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