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Patrisse Khan-Cullors explains why Black Lives Matter (tags)

Patrisse Khan-Cullors explains why Black Lives Matter in a powerful memoir with Asha Bandele, ‘when they call you a terrorist’

Labor for Palestine Salutes West Coast Dockers for Embargo on Israeli Cargo (tags)

Just as labor solidarity played a critical role in toppling South African apartheid, it now has the potential to cripple Israeli apartheid. We urge the entire ILWU and all trade unionists to stand behind and expand on this critical issue of conscience and solidarity.

"Brutality smeared in peanut butter" (tags)

The great Indian author of THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS and the recent essay THE ALGEBRA OF INFINITE JUSTICE analyzes the economic and political forces driving the Bush administration's war against Afghanistan. She explains why people in the Third World are terrified of this war and explains "Why America must stop the war now."

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