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Large corona aid for "small" companies (tags)

Dozens of tenants in buildings owned or managed by Trump received funds. More than 20 companies registered at 40 Wall Street, an office building Trump has owned since the mid-1990s, have also reportedly received government loans of at least $20 million.

The Corporate Tax Rate Debate, 30pp (tags)

Lower taxes on corporate profits not linked to job creation

Obama Picks Jack Lew for Treasury (tags)

class war

What Real Financial Reform Looks Like (tags)

Washington financial reform assures business as usual

Reviewing Ellen Brown's "Web of Debt": Part VI (tags)

Part VI of Federal Reserve Plunder

A Mom's FYI: Reality Bites (tags)


Businessman Spends $25,000/year to Meet Federal Regulations (tags)

From the book "The State vs. The People" by Claire Wofe. Also, check out Alex Jones ( for more on government abuses.

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