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Cuba Bashing (tags)


Global Opposition to Attacking Syria (tags)


How the U.S. Political Left is Failing Over Syria (tags)

It’s now painfully clear that Obama’s war on Syria is a replay of Bush’s march to war in Iraq, both built on lies. Zero evidence has been put forth that proves the Syrian government used chemical weapons. On the contrary, evidence has been recorded that suggests the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels are responsible for the attack.

Rebel or Perish (tags)


David Sanger's War on Iran (tags)


Crisis Economic Conditions (tags)

class war

Media Lies and Misinformation on Bin Laden (tags)

media lies

Obama calls for US attack on Pakistan in warmongering address (tags)

In a transparent effort to bolster his reputation for toughness on national security issues and outflank his main rivals on the right for the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois delivered a bellicose speech August 1 at a Washington think tank. Speaking to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Obama called for more troops to be sent to Afghanistan, threatened unilateral attacks against Pakistan and pledged to strengthen the US military and intelligence apparatus.

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