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Persecuting Hanin Zoabi (tags)


Tortured in Sinai, Imprisoned in Israel (tags)


World Social Forum Free Palestine (tags)


Crimes Against Humanity (tags)


Israeli Oppression Continues While Talking Peace (tags)

police state

Israeli Street Protests: Suppressed by US Media (tags)

class war

Israel's Sham Democracy (tags)

democracy in name only

The Israeli Knesset's Anti-Democratic Agenda (tags)

Israeli repression

Israel/Palestine: More on the Sham Peace Talks (tags)

economic decline

Deteriorating Conditions for Israeli Arab Citizens (tags)

20% of the population affected

Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (tags)

Israel violates laws it's sworn to uphold

Alarming Racism in Israel (tags)

growing Israeli racism

Israeli Settlement Expansions Continue (tags)

all Israeli settlements are illegal

Human Rights Abuses in Israel and Occupied Palestine (tags)

Jews are also affected

Israeli Prohibitions Against Free Expression and "Enemy Alien" Contacts (tags)

Erosion of civil liberties in Israel

Human Rights in Israel and Occupied Palestine (tags)

serious human rights violations

Ceasefires, Israeli-Style (tags)

Israel never honors them.

Al Nakba Redux (tags)

The liberation struggle continues.

1/17 Palestine Watch:Latest News from Israel Invasion of Gaza, Over 1,200 Killed (tags)

The death toll from the now more than three weeks of assault stands at 1,199 Palestinians killed, including more than 400 children according to UN and Palestinian medical sources....

Global Human Rights Groups Protest Slaughter in Gaza (tags)

Israeli genocide


[B]oth Messrs. Obama and McCain are reiterating their commitment to good, old-fashioned American-style war making. . . . Rather than offering relief, the new entrant to the White House come January is likely to simply exacerbate the mayhem.

Sixty Years of Palestinian Displacement, Occupation and Suffering (tags)

On May 14, remember the Nakba.

Human Rights Violations in Israel and Palestine (tags)

Violations in Israel and Palestine

Jonathan Cook's "Blood and Religion" (tags)

Israel's imperial plan.

A Review of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (tags)

An account of Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from uncovered official and other documents.

Anti-Arab Racism Prevalent in Israel According to Poll (tags)

A recent poll confirms what many Arab Palestinians already knew - many Israeli Jews hold racist views toward Arabs. Israeli parties with anti-Arab platforms made electoral gains in the recent elections. What does this mean for the Arabs of Palestine?

What iranian president Ahmadinejad really said (tags)

The rcent kerfuffle over Ahmadinejad's remark about wiping israel off the map has been cleared by by Juan Cole, and midwifed by Christopher Hitchens!

Zionism as Jewish National Socialism (tags)

There is a law in Israel, passed in 1985, which forbids political parties to openly oppose the principle of a Jewish state. Neither are they allowed to work for a change of this principle through democratic means. A party so doing will be banned from elections to the Knesset. Democracy is thus denied to those citizens - even Jews - who wish to work within the parliamentary system towards replacing the Jewish state with a secular state which represents all its citizens' equal rights regardless of religion or ethnic origin.

Israel's Racist Textbooks Teach Hate (tags)

Israeli schoolbooks promote hatred toward Palestinians:Direct delegitimization and negative stereotyping of Palestinians and Arabs are the rule, rather than the exception, in Israeli schoolbooks.

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