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are terrorists

The USA is a bestial and lawless nation seeking world inhumane domination. (tags)

Here is my summary and conclusion regarding how the fbi has turned USA into a bestial and criminal regime.

Government Says Homeschoolers Are Terrorists (tags)

Alex Jones ( says the government says homeschoolers are terrorists.

banner: "LAPD are terrorists" (tags)

this banner was hung above the 101, on the bonnie brae footbridge. this was done in the heart of the ramparts police district. it reads "LAPD are terrorists" sorry for the horribly poor photo quality

FBI definition of "Terrorism." (tags)

The FBI's definition of "terrorism," appears to include civil disobedience. Go to, and go to search, type "Domestic Terrorism" in the search engine space, and hit go, then look through it all, peticularly the first one on the list.

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