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Rafik Hariri Murder Trial (tags)


Yitzhak Shamir's Criminal Legacy (tags)


Targeted Killings: US and Israeli Specialties (tags)

rogue states

The Flotilla Aftermath: Historical Perspective, Aftermath and Implications (tags)

Commandos had names and photos of activists to be assassinated

Israeli Extra-Judicial Executions (tags)

Israeli crimes of genocide

Welcome to IsraHell (by Latuff) (tags)

Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

What Right Do Zionist Jews Have To Palestine? (tags)

What title-deeds do the Jews of today actually have to the land of 'Israel'? The idea that a people can possess some kind of ethnic ancestral right to a territory supposedly vacated by their forebears some millenia previously, implying a right in perpetuity, can have no legal basis. Or otherwise Americans of European ancestry, to name just one group of people, will have to pack their bags.

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