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mandatory palestine

Daily Israeli War Crimes in Palestine (tags)


The Mendacious Maps of Disappearing Palestine (tags)

Anti-Israel activists often use doctored maps to show Israel’s supposed malfeasance over the past century. Such claims are made by people who, in the best case, have no knowledge of the facts, and in the worst case, have no moral compass.

Targeted Killings: US and Israeli Specialties (tags)

rogue states

Iran Falsely Charged with India and Georgia Attacks (tags)


Freedom of Speech at Universities (tags)

Events this week in both the USA and the UK have once again shown the double standard for free speech at universities

Back to the main topic - those who only think of Palestine as ok (tags)

Back to fighting on indy and every other newsmedia too.- to those who only think of Palestine as being Right and Victim and needs to be rescued, let's get more info = to clarify if all claimed is so,- see what at least simplief disputable Wiki says about how it all began, tho the info is always being 'disputed' ................and each and many sides claiming and demanding to be RIGHT and claim the Whole and Only Truth......... yeah, so many versions of Holy Truths as there are colors in the rainbow...people who write love to claim exaggerations as 'reality' and their versions as "not to be questioned" even on Indymedia, NO FREE THINKERS ALLOWED HERE either !

Obama v. Richard Falk on Israel and Occupied Palestine (tags)

Obama is as hardline as Bush

Israeli Extra-Judicial Executions (tags)

Israeli crimes of genocide

The Communist Roots of Palestinian Terror (tags)


The article looks at the recent Hamas victory in the PA.

Who wants to be a Palestinian Refugee? (tags)

ZIon will Win!

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