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Puerto Rico Governor Calls for Halt on Debt Lawsuits (tags)

Puerto Rico's Governor Alejandro GarcĂ­a Padilla says Congress should put a hold on litigation against the indebted US territory until a proposed Congressional solution to its debt crisis is in place.

Enlightening GW Congressional Hearing on C-span Last Night (tags)

At midnight last night, C-span aired a hearing that took place yesterday in DC about global warming. They had four experts and scientists and one guy, Mr. Wegman (a government hack), who has been refuting the scientist's work for years.

Curt Weldon Gets Hearing on Able Danger (tags)

Curt Weldon just announced on Lou Dobbs' show that the Pentagon has agreed to let the Able Danger officers testify at a Congressional Hearing.

Max Mayfield-Natl Hurricane Center-Lies About Global Warming (tags)

During a Congressional Hearing on Predicting Hurricanes, Max Mayfield (hurricane guru) was asked if he believes the increase in number and intensity of hurricanes are due to global warming.

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