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mexico action

U.S./Mexico Action - Artistic Placard (tags)

One of the hundreds of creative protest signs carried by anti-FTAA demonstrators.

U.S./Mexico Action - Zapatistas! (tags)

Some of the many artistic placards carried by demonstrators.

U.S./Mexico Action - Border Stand off (tags)

"We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us!"

U.S./Mexico Action - Ceasar Chavez Puppet (tags)

One of the many creative placards carried by demonstrators.

U.S./Mexico Action - Young Activist (tags)

One of the many young activists that make up the new international movement.

U.S./Mexico Action - Anti-FTAA Puppet (tags)

A giant puppet made by protestors and carried during the march.

U.S./Mexico Action - Black Block (tags)

On the spot Anarchist strategy meeting.

U.S./Mexico Action - Nike Cops! (tags)

To protect and serve... capitalism

U.S./Mexico Action - Border Game! (tags)

"Let's Play the Border Game!" Guerilla Theatre.

U.S./Mexico Action - Chicano Militant (tags)

Photo of a young Chicano Militant at the FTAA border protest

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